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About FERA

About us





FERA was designed to work to provide immediate transportation, shelter, hay and any necessary medical attention needed for an equine in need. This need can arise from a variety of reasons including financial hardship, owner surrender or the fostering of an equine during the re-homing process or a pending cruelty case. In addition, we now have a voucher program for those needing financial assistance for the castration or humane euthanasia of their equines.


FERA is set up so that the Animal Control Officer can instantly impound an equine in desperate need, in order to save its life.


FERA is available for advice, education and assistance to help provide solutions. We have access to veterinarians, farriers and nutrition experts who can advise us on how to best assist you.

We are here to network with and help our communities with humane options for equines.

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